Professional Development

In our newsletter we have identified professional development resources that are available for you to maintain a high level of education and expertise. These are resources we have researched and believe will be of value to you. If you know of other professional development resource that you wish to share with other science and math teachers please send the information to Robert Newbury.

Outreach Opportunities

Nevada's higher education institutions provide online and/or distance education opportunities that will allow you to teach, learn and still have time to relax. Links to the outreach programs are:

Regional Professional Development Programs

The regional professional development programs provide a variety of opportunities. The three regional programs are:

PBS Teacher Line

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) has a long-standing tradition of supporting education and educators. In this endeavor, PBS offers many resources for professional development as well as many broadcasts of core curriculum materials. Teacherline provides access to courses and related information to assist teachers in professional development. For interested teachers, these services are offered through PBS Stations:

Annenberg Media

The Annenberg Foundation provide workshops and courses designed to strengthen the skills of educators at all levels. Participation in the workshops and courses is free. A complete catalog of workshops and courses is available at