Degrees and Certifications

NevadaTeach allows you to complete a rigorous degree in any STEM field and qualify to teach middle or high school in STEM fields. Undergraduate students interested in teaching secondary STEM have two options:

  • Choose to major in one of the approved NevadaTeach STEM degrees and receive a second degree in secondary education,
  • OR
  • Keep your current major in the College of Science and take the coursework required for certification

To complete the NevadaTeach program and be prepared to teach middle or school, you must:

  • Take the courses in the NevadaTeach sequence, which includes a semester of Apprentice Teaching.
  • Choose a certification area and take the required course content to qualify for that certification. If you are majoring in a STEM field, courses for certification may overlap with the courses required for your degree. Your advisor can tell you which ones.
  • Build a portfolio with reflections and samples of your work from every NevadaTeach course.

You must also complete all of the requirements for a degree from the University of Nevada, Reno.

NevadaTeach Degree Plan Options

NevadaTeach Agricultural Sciences, B.S.

NevadaTeach Biology, B.S.

NevadaTeach Chemistry, B.S.

NevadaTeach Environmental Science, B.S.

NevadaTeach Mathematics, B.S.

NevadaTeach Physics, B.S.