FAQ: Nevada School Law Exam

1. When is the test offered?
The general exam is administered twice a year in Las Vegas and Reno and once a year in Elko. Registration is found at: http://www.unr.edu/education/academic-programs/law/general-examinations

2. Is the test offered online?
The exam is only offered at the Reno, Las Vegas and Elko testing locations.

3. What is the wait time for getting an appointment to take the exam?
Exam sessions can be found at http://www.unr.edu/education/academic-programs/law/monthly-exam-sessions

4. How soon will I get the results?
It takes 6 weeks to receive the scores.

5. How much is the exam?
One section of the General Exam is $30, two sections is $45, and three sections is $60. Special Administration Exams cost $100 for one section, $115 for two sections, and $130 for three sections. There are additional fees to receive your scores.

6. How soon after can you retest?
You can register for a retest as soon as you know you didn't do well. You can retake as many times as you need, but the cost for retakes is the same as for the original exams.

7. What can I bring on the day of the test?
Please bring your teacher's license number, a government-issued photo identification, and your email admission ticket. Do not bring pencils, scantrons, or exam booklets, as those will be provided for test takers.