The NevadaTeach program utilizes Taskstream by Watermark to administer and maintain portfolios. Please contact NevadaTeach@unr.edu for information on how to access Taskstream by Watermark.

NevadaTeach Portfolio

The NevadaTeach Portfolio is an assignment through which NevadaTeach students demonstrate that they meet specific teaching proficiencies and exhibit mastery in subject matter knowledge. In building a portfolio, students reflect on their experiences and select specific artifacts to support the conclusions reached in the reflection, which articulates important concepts in secondary mathematics, science, and engineering education.

You will be introduced to the Portfolio project in Step 1 and Step 2 (NVTC 101 and NVTC 102). You will add documents and ideas to the portfolio every semester, building toward the preliminary portfolio as you go through both NevadaTeach and content courses.

A passing score on the preliminary portfolio is a prerequisite for Apprentice Teaching (NVTC 491/492). The preliminary portfolio must be submitted by the due date in the semester prior to Apprentice Teaching. The final portfolio is produced during the Apprentice Teaching semester and further develops the skills of the preliminary portfolio. Requirements for the final portfolio are more extensive, and there is an expectation of greater depth, maturity, and competence at this level, as students are preparing to launch their professional careers. You will receive separate instructions in your Apprentice Teaching semester.

Due Dates

The due date for the preliminary portfolio will be posted as soon as possible each fall and spring semester.

Getting Help

NevadaTeach faculty, content faculty, and mentor teachers are all resources to help you develop your portfolio. Talk to them about proficiencies, about writing reflections, and possibilities for evidence. The Writing Center can help with your reflections and the Career Studio can help with your cover letter and resume. If you still need help, contact the Portfolio Administrator.