Resources for Science Educators

Here are some excellent science sites for finding either full lessons or ideas for lessons: Here you'll find 5 E lessons from K-12 on tons of topics.  They are aligned to the NGSS and written by classroom teachers.  They have not been vetted so they may not be the best of the best but it's a great place to start if you want ideas.  This site has robotics and engineering lesson plans for all grades.  Very fun and engaging lessons about technology and space exploration. Amazing 5 E lesson plans for 9-12th grade!  These are very engaging/real world lessons that are detailed and complete.  this site does not have lesson plans per se but it is an excellent resource for information.  If your classroom does not have reading materials about energy in science this is the place to go (they even have coloring books you can print out!) Very good search tools as well so you can find what you're looking for fast. Excellent site for resources, activities, lessons, and data.

Science Supplies:

Not every classroom has the resources to do NGSS aligned labs.  These sites will help!  This is the Nevada GEMS site.  Here you can check out kits ($20 for a 4 week check out) if your classroom doesn't have science supplies.  GEMS stands for Great Explorations in Math and Science.   You can check out a Green Box (literally it's a green box) that will have a self contained unit with materials and lesson plans for standards of your choice.  These are free!