Resources for Math Educators

When veering off the textbook path into finding engaging mathematics lessons, there are many places already created and waiting for you.

Fully Kicking the Textbook Habit

Any 3-Act Math Lesson There are many resources for 3-Act math lessons. These were popularized by Dan Meyer, and math teachers around the world took the idea and ran with it.

Start with:

Pick up tips from the NCTM:

And then explore the 3 Act love:  - Graham Fletcher is collecting 3-Act lessons as he finds them and linking directly to them. This is a terrific collection of lesson from around the Web.

Mullet Ratio - The Mullet Ratio. A fabulous way to engage learners with ratios. Complete lesson plan, ppt, handouts, etc. I promise, this is a class period your learners will never forget! This is an example of one lesson fully explained by a fellow math teacher on his blog.

Barbie Bungee Jump - Barbie Bungee Jump is a terrific lesson for linear functions, statistics and data collection, and plain all around fun. Plus, it has been done many times and explained by MS and HS teachers.  (P.S. Fawn is amazing)

And the list goes on and on. A Google search for "Barbie Bungee Jump" shows how deep and wonderful this lesson turns out to be. Statistics, linear modeling, linear functions, experimentation; this lesson has it all.

Collections of Activities - Chris Shore (a teacher in SoCal) created the Math Projects Journal to document the lessons and activities he is collecting. The site is a little sparse at the upper levels, but is full of engaging lessons at the middle school, Alg 1 and Geometry level. Click on "Lessons / Curriculum Maps" for all the materials he has used in class. - Geoff Krall has put together CCSS aligned projects / assignments / and activities from around the web, all focused on curriculum maps from 3rd grade through HS. Click through and follow the links. It is well worth your time.

Once you are finally ready to kick the habit completely, you need a huge resource for finding lessons on topics. The "MTBoS" has you covered. This acronym stands for the MathTwitterBlog'oSphere and is hundreds of math teachers who blog and post their lessons. The link at fishing4tech is a specialized Google search that will search a list of Mathematics teachers who blog. If you are looking for a lesson, this search engine has you covered.

Partially Kicking the Textbook Habit  - The Mathematics Vision Project is a company that is giving away a more engaging curriculum. Click on "Curriculum" and you get a full curriculum for regular and honors level HS integrated mathematics courses.