Reflections from a Mentor Teacher on NevadaTeach students in the classroom

NevadaTeach students working in the classroom

One way NevadaTeach stands out from traditional teacher education programs is through putting students in the classroom early and often. Step 1 students implement lesson plans in local elementary classrooms, while Step 2 students are placed in middle school classrooms. The students work with mentor teachers to develop lesson plans. Here is a reflection from one of our NevadaTeach mentor teachers, Shontell Brewer, who is a fifth grade teacher at Lincoln Park Elementary.

"What a breath of fresh air! NevadaTeach students may be young, but they sure have an abundance of passion and willingness to work hard. I am not sure they even realize they are jumping into teaching feet first, but they are, and they are doing more than staying afloat. Watching them grow week to week was rewarding. Observing them settle into this calling of teaching was wonderful. I am so grateful to be a mentor teacher in the program. Even the students who decide teaching is not their path leave with something great! Thank you for letting me be part of their growing experience."