NevadaSat UNR CanSat Program
Teleoperation of Aerospace Payload Systems

This program is generously supported by the Nevada Space Grant Consortium


The ARLISS event is held in the Black Rock Desert, in Northern Nevada.


  • Map: Black Rock: National Wilderness Preservation System
  • Topographic maps of the Black Rock area (configurable).
  • TerraServer Arial photos of Black Rock Desert area (configurable)
  • Reno to Gerlach Driving directions from These will get you as close as Gerlach. Another route would simply be to head North from Reno on Pyramid Hwy (Rt 445) to Pyramid Lake. At Rt 446, head east to Nixon, and from there head North again on Rt 447 up to Gerlach (easy to remember: 445-446-447).

Travel Information:

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