NevadaFIT fees and costs

NevadaFIT participants are enrolled in a one-credit class. Tuition rates apply and students must also pay an additional $250 course fee. Both fees are applied to the fall semester payment due in August 2019. There is an early move-in fee of $168.75 for NevadaFIT students who applied for and will be living in the residence halls for the 2019 - 2020 academic year for the additional days. All payments can be made through MyNevada.

2019 NevadaFIT fee schedule

NevadaFIT fees by student type
Student Type Fee Type One-Credit Fee NevadaFIT Course Fee* Other Fees Total
Nevada Resident UGRD REG $233.00 $250.00 $14.00 $497.00
WUE Non-Resident UGRD REG
WUE Tuition (150%)
$250.00 $14.00 $613.50
Nevada Advantage Non-Resident UGRD REG
NV ADV Tuition (200%)
$250.00 $14.00 $730.00
Non-Resident UGRD REG
Non-Resident Tuition
$250.00 $14.00 $753.25

Note on Course Fee:* Financial assistance to cover the course fee of $250 and/or the early move-in housing fee may be available for students with demonstrated financial need. Please contact the NevadaFIT office at (775) 784-1193 for more information.

For additional questions about calculating costs and understanding financial aid can be answered by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Questions regarding tuition payments and fees can be addressed by the Cashier's Office.

NevadaFIT cancellation policy

Students in a college that requires the NevadaFIT course will fail the course if they do not receive a formal exemption. Please contact the NevadaFIT Office at 775-784-1193 to request an exemption.

If a student who has been accepted into a non-mandatory NevadaFIT program is no longer able to participate, the NevadaFIT Office must be notified in writing. Please email  as soon as possible so we have time to award your spot to the next person on the waitlist.

Cancellation Dates and Refund Information for students in non-mandatory camps:

  • July 15, 2019. Last day for accepted students to cancel admittance, and have spot awarded to next student on the waitlist. Fees will be refunded.
  • August 17- August 18, 2019. "W" for withdraw assigned to course grade if attendance cancelled and fees charged.
  • August 19 - August 22, 2019. Failing grade assigned to course grade if attendance cancelled and fees charged.

*If you are in a mandatory camp and would like to request an exemption please contact the NevadaFIT Office at 775-784-1193.