NevadaFIT first assignment

The following assignment is due August 14, 2021. This assignment will be completed on WebCampus. WebCampus is the branding of the University's learning management system, Canvas.

General information

  • WebCampus is compatible with most major, updated browsers. WebCampus will usually give you a message at the top of the screen if your browser is not compatible with the system. Chrome, Firefox, Safari are best.
  • You can access WebCampus on your mobile device. There are free apps for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices. Visit the App Store (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android) and search for either Canvas Student or Instructure Canvas Student to find the app. Canvas Student is an app that will be pre-loaded onto your iPad.
  • For issues with WebCampus, MyNevada, or NetID/password problems, contact the IT Helpdesk or call (775) 682-5000. OIT will also be available at iPad distribution.

Assignment steps

Follow the steps below to complete your NevadaFIT 2021 first assignment.

Step 1: Activate your NetID

Visit NetID activation to activate your NetID.

Step 2: Log into WebCampus

  • Visit the WebCampus page
  • Click on the button labeled "Click here to login to WebCampus with your NetID
  • Enter your NetID and password
  • Click the "Sign in" button

Step 3: Navigate your dashboard (see screenshot below)

  • Upon logging in, you will see a course tile (1) for each of the courses you’re enrolled in. Select the "NevadaFIT First Assignment" course tile.
  • If the NevadaFIT course tile is missing, click on the "Courses (2)" link on the blue sidebar, then select "All Courses." Click the "star icon" to select the courses you want on your dashboard and click on the NevadaFIT course.
  • If you still cannot find the NevadaFIT course tile, please email the NevadaFIT office at to ensure you are enrolled in the class.
Screen capture of a WebCampus dashboard with a purple class tile for class ABNR 109 with a left rail that includes links to other sections of WebCampus.
[Figure 1] Screen capture of a WebCampus dashboard with a course tile outlined in red with the #1 bubble pointing at it. The #2 red bubble shows where students can click on the "Courses" tab to access their courses.

Step 4: Complete the Pre-NevadaFIT Assignment

  • Work through each of the modules on the homepage and submit the associated quizzes.
    1. Pre-NevadaFIT Tasks
    2. Digital Wolf Pack Initiative
    3. University 101 
    4. Academic Integrity
  • To reduce the likelihood of technical problems:
    1. Clear your browser cache and cookies
    2. Take the quiz from a wired (not wireless) Internet connection. Avoid shared/free WiFi.
    3. Plan to complete the quiz in one session.