Wine and beer workshop offered by Cooperative Extension

Herds and Harvest program features University experts to teach fundamentals of beer and wine making.

The winemaking portion of the workshop will be presented by Grant Cramer, a professor in the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources.


11/6/2017 | By: Robyn Feinberg |

Have you ever wanted to learn how to produce wine and beer? The 2017 Wine and Beer Production workshop is offering a comprehensive look at both processes from start to finish that will guide participants through the production of wine and beer. After attending this event, participants will have all of the information needed to begin fermenting.

The winemaking portion of the workshop is presented by Grant Cramer, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources. Cramer has been growing grapes and making quality wine at the University's Valley Road vineyard for more than 20 years. In addition, he has traveled around the world learning how to produce wines from various wine makers.

For more than 30 years, Cramer's research has focused on helping plants grow in adverse conditions - including winegrapes -  and how to grow plants that tolerate salt-water irrigation, drought and cold. Much of Cramer's recent research has revolved around the exposure of Vitis vinifera (common grape wine) to water-deficits, and how that can enhance aroma, flavor and color characteristics of grape juice and wine.

John Baggett, a biochemistry graduate student at the University, will be presenting the beer-production portion of the workshop. Baggett worked at The Depot Brewery and Distillery in Reno, where he ran their quality control lab and new product development for two-and-a-half years. He is knowledgeable on beer production methods, as well as the stylistic differences between beer types.

Both Baggett and Cramer will be leading this full day workshop, which takes place Friday, Nov. 17, from 8:45 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Washoe County Cooperative Extension offices, 4995 Energy Way. The cost is $10 and covers lunch. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.

The event is part of the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Herds and Harvest Program funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Herds and Harvest is a statewide program that develops educational courses, workshops, technical assistance, business advice and  mentoring support for Nevada agricultural producers who are beginning or diversifying a farm or ranch operation.


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