World traveling University alumnus continues higher education and service in the Air National Guard

Christian Walker’s life after college has opened doors to one adventure after another

3/10/2017 | By: Hannah Richardson  |

University of Nevada, Reno alumnus Christian Walker has led an adventurous life after graduating 12 years ago, with plans for the adventures to continue. After graduating from the University in 2005 with bachelor's degrees in international affairs and Spanish and minors in music and Latin American studies, Walker has traveled the world and pursued several more degrees. He earned two associates degrees, human resources and logistics, at the Community College of the Air Force in 2009; two masters degrees, one in travel administration from George Washington University in 2010 and an MBA from the University of Management and Technology in 2011; and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in organizational leadership at The Chicago School of Psychology with an estimated completion this year.

"I majored in international affairs and Spanish because it allowed me to study abroad for five semesters with USAC," Walker said. He was able to study abroad one year in Latin America and fell in love with it, leading him to minor in Latin American Studies at the University. As for his minor in music, Walker said, "my dad is a musician, so music is in my blood, and it was a fun part of my time at the University."

When Walker was 17, he joined the Air National Guard to pay for college, but never left and has been in the guard for 16-and-a-half years. He loves change, which is evident in his history of travel and work. For the past nine years, Walker has done various work projects and has held various titles. He began traveling in 2007 where he climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Since then, he has been exploring the world including trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp.

"I went to visit a group of friends while they were visiting town and learned that someone from the group had already planned a trip to Nepal to hike Everest Base Camp," Walker said. "I jumped on the confirmed plans and a month later I touched down in Kathmandu."

Walker is currently exploring the countries of Australia, Brazil and India, and is looking to finish his doctorate program after his time traveling. He also plans to finish his last three years in the Air National Guard to successfully complete 20 years of service and retire from the Guard. He then plans to work with franchises or a consulting firm with leadership development.

"The University and USAC completely changed my life," Walker said. "I had the opportunity to really open up my world to the experiences that drive my life today. Education and travel is at the core of who I am and drives me to be a better person every day."


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