Wellness and weight management services available to employees

3/29/2012 | By: Anne McMillin  |

University of Nevada, Reno employees may use their state insurance wellness coverage to enroll in the University of Nevada School of Medicine's Wellness and Weight Management Clinic through its internal medicine department.

The Wellness and Weight Management clinic is an on-campus resource that offers a wide variety of nutritional services. When it comes to health and weight management, one size doesn't necessarily fit all. With this is mind, this specialty clinic offers a wide variety of program options to best meet the individual needs of its clients, whether it be a one-time nutrition assessment, weekly individual follow-ups or group weight-loss classes.

The interdisciplinary medical team available to see patients includes physician experts in nutrition, registered dietitians and a registered clinical exercise physiologist.

The clinic's goal is to provide preventive services to help patients lower risk factors for chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer by focusing on lifestyle behavior changes including diet and exercise. New patients will be directed to the program that best meets their needs. Nutritional counseling, weight-loss therapy and cardiac wellness services are just a few of the options available. They offer several weight-loss programs that include individual or group sessions, all containing personalized weight loss prescriptions based on body composition analysis, resting metabolic rate and food intake analysis. 

The School of Medicine's Wellness and Weight Management clinic is also the only facility in Nevada to offer Health Management Resources (HMR©), a meal replacement weight loss program.  HMR© is a leading provider of medically-based weight management programs in clinics, hospitals and major medical centers throughout the country.

To Make an Appointment

  • (775) 784-4474

In addition, through funding provided by the National Institutes of Health to the Nevada IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence project, the clinic has created dietary counseling resources that are based on the latest clinical research data about cholesterol and diet. This evidence-based diet counseling is offered along with physical fitness assessment and an advanced lipid panel through the clinic's Cardiac Wellness Program.

"We strive to transpose into patient care the latest data from the clinical research in the field on nutrition and this grant has facilitated this implementation effort," said Doina Kulick, M.D., the new medical director for the clinic, who is also board certified in internal medicine and nutrition, and a faculty member at the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

"Our goal is to bring nutrition and wellness into the mainstream of primary care medicine," she added.

To make an appointment with the Wellness and Weight Management Clinic, located in the Nell J. Redfield Building on the University campus, please call (775) 784-4474. Many different insurance plans are accepted as are self-pay patients.


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