Universities to make site visit for accreditation, Oct. 1-3

9/24/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

Representatives from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NCCU) will make a site visit to campus on Oct. 1-3, as part of the University's decennial accreditation process.

Open meetings with faculty, students and staff are scheduled in the Jot Travis Student Union, and members of all three of these groups are encouraged to attend, said Eric Herzik, chairman of the University's accreditation oversight committee. On Oct. 1, faculty are scheduled to meet at 1 p.m. in room 245 of JTSU; students are scheduled to meet at 2 p.m. in room 245 of JTSU; staff are scheduled to meet at 3 p.m. in room 245 of JTSU.

The University's effort to report on its progress in meeting the accreditation standards of the NCCU has been ongoing since February 2005. The University's Accreditation and Self-Study Final Report, dated October 2007, was completed in August and is available online at the University Accreditation website.

The 308-page document includes an in-depth look at how Nevada has met the nine accreditation standards set by the NCCU, and also includes an executive summary containing strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for the University. The self-study process, which the University undergoes every 10 years—the last was completed in 1997—provides the institution with evidence-based assessment on how the University is achieving its stated goals.

"We've worked with no other agenda than to provide a clear and accurate representation of how the University defines and attempts to achieve its goals, Herzik said. "We've also worked very hard to give a clear picture not only of the last two or three years, but of an entire 10-year period that brings us from 1997 to where we are today."


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