Campus distributions

A campus distribution is defined as any information your department wants other departments or individual members of the campus community to know about.  We can provide the following types of distributions:

  • Deans, Directors, Department Chair ~ 283 addresses
  • Academic Faculty ~ 778 addresses
  • Administrative Faculty ~ 658 addresses
  • All Faculty ~ 1,436 addresses
  • All Staff ~ 987 addresses
  • All Faculty and Staff ~ 2,423 addresses

The Mailroom (the Nevada Ink cannot print these distributions) can do distributions for entities from outside the NSHE and that are not individually addressed. These will be delivered to the established mail stop when a fee is paid with non-state funds to recover delivery costs, and each piece is marked, in a conspicuous place with the following disclaimer: "The contents of this document do not reflect an opinion or endorsement by the University of Nevada, Reno. This document has not been printed or distributed at state or university expense. Delivery beyond the mail stop is optional."