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Scrugham Medal Award

The James G. Scrugham Medal is an award initiated by the College in 2006 to acknowledge both successful alumni and James G. Scrugham, a distinguished Nevadan who was the first Dean of the College of Engineering. Each year this award is given to one or more alumni who have demonstrated success in their chosen profession.

2018 Winner

Rick Warner '96 B.S. '99 M.S. (civil engineering)

Rick Warner

Rick Warner received a B.S. (1996) and an M.S. (1999) in civil engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. At the College of Engineering, Rick found a home rich in tradition, excellence and encouragement to envision. Civil engineering, particularly environmental engineering, was the perfect fit to balance Rick's love of the outdoors and desire to protect public health and the environment.

As a passionate and recognized international water leader, Rick has served in numerous professional and volunteer leadership positions, including president of the Water Environment Federation and as director of the prestigious Water Research Foundation. Rick travels globally to share his insights, knowledge and enthusiasm for water.

Rick's longtime vision was to inspire greater collaboration between the local water agencies and University of Nevada, Reno researchers. With the arrival to campus of longtime colleague Krishna Pagilla as the environmental engineering program director, a dream was set in motion. In 2017, the Nevada Water Innovation Campus was founded by the University of Nevada, Reno, under the leadership of Manos Maragakis, dean of the College Engineering; Ahmad Itani, chair of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering; and local agencies. The Innovation Campus aims to advance water science and technology while enhancing the economic, social and environmental aspects of the local water environment.

Rick enjoys serving the University of Nevada, Reno and giving back to the community. He presently chairs the Board of Advisors for the Nevada Water Innovation Campus and serves on the civil engineering advisory board.

Rick and his wife Leigh make their home in Reno. Rick and Leigh enjoy traveling, and their most memorable recent trips were to Stockholm, Sweden and Victoria, BC - not surprisingly, cities known for beautiful waterways. Rick attributes his early passion for engineering to an innovative mechanic father, who encouraged young Ricky to solve problems and dream big, and to a caring mother whose work ethic and support, even at age 80, astonishes many and inspires all.

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