2017 Magazine

Imagining 2027: Separating Fact from Fiction

Artist rendering, woman using kiosk with assistive glove and robotic service dog

In this issue, faculty experts from across the College offer a glimpse into how engineering technology might evolve over the next decade. From the cutting edge right now to where we might be in 2027, our engineering faculty imagine the ways innovation can solve societal problems from infrastructure to sustainable development to automation.

In this issue

Tomorrowland: Smarter communities by design
New approaches to smart and sustainable infrastructure will power tomorrow's communities

Lean & green: Engineering sustainability
From the power grid to sustainable materials, building a greener future

5 challenges for roboticists in the next 10 years
What's standing between you and your own personal robotic assistant

The shape of things to come: Assisting humans with soft robotics
From imaginitive robotic materials to robot-human systems, big advances for assistive robotics

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