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Scrugham Medal Award

The James G. Scrugham Medal is an award initiated by the College in 2006 to acknowledge both successful alumni and James G. Scrugham, a distinguished Nevadan who was the first Dean of the College of Engineering. Each year this award is given to one or more alumni who have demonstrated success in their chosen profession.

2016 Winner

Dick Reynolds, (Nuclear Engineering, M.S. 1971)
Richard Reynolds

Richard Reynolds retired after a 50-year career in engineering, construction management and health physics. After graduation from the University of Nevada, Reno, Dick co-authored regulations for the use of radioactive materials and radiation-generating equipment in the State of Nevada. He then pursued a career with international engineering and construction companies, specializing in design of low-level radioactive waste process treatment and facilities. Prior to retirement, Dick worked in construction management on modification and expansion projects at airports, municipal water/waste treatment plants and university buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area. The College of Engineering is thrilled to select Dick Reynolds as the first graduate of the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering to receive the Scrugham Medal.

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Corporate Partners

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Enrollment in the College of Engineering has nearly doubled in the past decade, from 1,570 in 2007 to 2,908 in 2016, making it the fastest-growing college on campus. As the University plans extensive expansions and updates to the engineering complex to accommodate this growth, it is vital that its engineering graduates have the skills necessary to excel. The College of Engineering Corporate Partners Program provides an important link between the academic world and the engineering firms in the community that seek new talent to continue to develop the local economy.

"Nevada is home to a number of exceptional businesses committed to employing graduates of the University. The Corporate Partners program allows these firms the opportunity to connect and collaborate with engineering and computer science educators, researchers and students to ensure that the skills we foster in our students remain on the cutting edge and have immediate application in thriving firms with local ties," Manos Maragakis, dean of the college of engineering, said. "The goal of the program is to bridge the gap between theory and practice and to provide a mechanism for connecting our faculty and graduates with potential employers, ensuring our talented students have the opportunity to develop into the leaders in their fields and our faculty can contribute to the growth of the companies."

Corporate Partners become members of the College of Engineering Associates Group, which includes meetings with the dean, associate dean and department chairs to help improve the ties between the College and the companies. They are invited to the Engineering Spring Celebration, as well as seminars, lectures, demonstrations and senior capstone classes. In connecting with students through the College's Career Fair, Engineers Week and the Society of Women Engineers, Corporate Partners have the opportunity to identify talented students who would succeed in their firms. Current College of Engineering Corporate Partners are Barrick, Click Bond, General Electric, Sierra Nevada Corporation and Wedco.

You can join the Corporate Partners program with a $10,000 gift (of which $8,800 is tax-deductible) to the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation-College of Engineering. For more information about the program, please contact Mui Condon at or (775) 682-7695.