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Ralph E. Hoeper Endowed Professorship

This year, the College of Engineering awarded its first endowed professorship, the Ralph E. Hoeper Professorship, to Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Henry Fu. The award honors alumnus Ralph Hoeper, who graduated with a degree in electrical engineering in 1951.

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Scrugham Medal Award

2015 Winner

Brian Lent, (Computer Science and Engineering, B.S. 1993)

Brian Lent

Brian Lent is a cofounder, chairman and chief technology officer of Medio Systems. Among many previous positions, he was a principal and director of applications at Junglee, later an Amazon acquisition, where he pioneered new Internet database technologies. Brian holds patents in the topic of data mining, information retrieval and database systems. While earning his master's degree in computer science at Stanford, he was a cofounder of the MIDAS (Mining Data At Stanford) group, the lab that spawned the Google crawler and search engine.

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Corporate Partners

The Corporate Partners program at the College of Engineering of the University of Nevada, Reno, brings together a select group of companies and firms to collaborate with engineering and computer science educators, researchers and students. The mission of the program is to generate interactions between the College and the Corporate Partners that bridge the gap between theory and practice and bring a competitive edge to the College of Engineering, the partners, the region, the state and the nation.

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