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Blue Sky Thinking: How a more inclusive engineering community benefits all humanity

Hao Xu and students outdoors with two aerial robots

In this issue, we explore efforts in the College of Engineering to make engineering more inclusive, opening the field to underrepresented groups, improving engineering education and making technology more accessible.

In this issue

"From K to gray": Making engineering more inclusive from 5 to 95
Engineering education program aims to improve experience across the age spectrum

Failure is always an option: A new mindset for next-generation coders
Partnership with Nevada Discovery Museum introduces kids to joys and struggles of robotics

Leveling the playing field: Gender equity in VR
Multidisciplinary research seeks solutions to motion sickness in VR, which predominantly affects women

From campus to careers, Society of Women Engineers helps young women succeed in engineering professions
Campus chapter is thriving, and local women engineers are working to address the gender gap in STEM

Happy robots, happy cities? New learning system mimics human emotion to control autonomous systems
New real-time learning approach for autonomous systems could transform smart cities

Emphasis on tech transfer paves the way for pavement engineering & science program's quest for national prominence
Strong relationships with industry and focus on graduate education drive research success

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