Lisa Lindquist

Doctoral student
Headshot of Lisa Lindquist


My clinical experiences as a Speech Pathologist instilled the desire to pursue research in sensory perception to improve clinical practices related to auditory processing. In my research, I would like to focus on characterizing the pathophysiologic mechanisms of auditory processing disorder researching how early auditory, sensory processing impacts higher level cognition and behavior. I hope to address some of the neurobehavioral challenges associated with auditory processing disorders by proposing clinical treatments to target skill remediation and development of compensatory strategies or environmental modifications for individuals with auditory processing disorder.


  • M.S. Rush University, Chicago, IL, Speech-Language Pathology
  • B.S. Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, Speech and Hearing Science

Current projects

The effect of chromaticity separation on information processing

We are investigating how visual cortex responds to differences in chromaticity separation and whether these types of stimuli effect information processing.

Processing of spatialized sound in autism:

We are researching how spatialized sound is processed in the auditory brainstem using behavioral tasks and the auditory evoked brainstem response (ABR).