Usher Syndrome:
What are Symptoms the Individual May Notice?

Individuals with Usher syndrome may not notice the subtle changes associated with gradual visual loss. Questions such as those listed below may help the person with Usher syndrome, the family, teacher, or school nurse acquire the information needed for a basic screening.

Ask the Individual:

  1. When you walk inside a dark movie theater or room, do you have a hard time seeing seats and people?

  2. When you come inside from a bright, sunny day, can you see things and people?

  3. Do you trip over things?

  4. Does sunlight hurt your eyes?

  5. Do you often spill liquids when pouring them into a cup or glass?

  6. Can you see stars in the sky at night?

  7. If someone waves to you from the side, do you see them when you are not looking at them?

  8. Is it hard to find small objects when you drop them on the floor?

  9. Do you bump into people, chairs, things?

  10. Do you have trouble riding a bicycle?