Positive Behavior Support-Nevada Family


Ashley Greenwald
Email: agreenwald@unr.edu
Phone: 775-784-4921

Positive Behavior Support-Nevada (PBS-NV) is sponsored by a consortium of Nevada agencies and organizations and is part of a national program of state-level in-service trainings to provide supports and services for individuals with disabilities and behavior problems. 

PBS-NV provides in-service training to educators, agency staff, and families who support individuals with disabilities and challenging behavior problems. The program utilizes nationally recognized, empirically based training methods and curriculum, and receives technical support from its developers. These services are not available elsewhere in Nevada as no other agency or program is funded or is capable of sustaining them.

PBS-NV uses a statewide support network and information system on Positive Behavior Support, provides technical assistance (i.e., information, consultation, on-site coaching) and training (intensive workshops and brief trainings), and influences systems change to promote services that enhance the health and well being of persons with disabilities. Core program staff and consultants work with a multidisciplinary, multi-agency statewide training team.

Collaboration efforts are a key element in the PBS-NV process. Partnerships are in place between State and private agencies, schools, and parent groups. The training teams represent organizations throughout the state. Training is conducted to multi-agency teams with about 30 entities represented in services. Eight agencies support the project through trainers, additional funding, and administrative support.

The primary goals of PBS-NV are to enhance the quality of life for individuals with challenging behaviors and assist in the reduction of problem and challenging behaviors and the increase of lifestyle options.