iLab Solutions Core Facility Management

The University is excited to begin using iLab Solutions, a web-based core facility and service center management system, to provide researchers and administrators a centralized system that efficiently supports management of service requests, equipment scheduling, project/sample tracking, billing, and reporting. Some additional benefits of using the iLab system include:

  • Transparency to University cores with a single web-based portal for access
  • Easily track the status of service requests, orders, and reserve equipment time
  • Billing is automatic and integrated with job requests and/or equipment usage
  • Automatically provides detailed invoices for each billing event to PI's and financial managers
  • Invoices can be paid through the system using credit cards or institutional accounts
  • PI's and managers can track usage metrics and costs to create budgets
  • PI's can have as much or as little control over spending by lab members using approval settings in their lab profile

Researchers who wish to obtain or pay for services from a core facility or service center that is part of the UNR iLab system must use iLab. Administrators who support researchers who use the iLab system must use iLab to review and approve financial transactions.

If you are experiencing problems logging in or registering with iLab please contact iLab support or Rebecca Albion at (775) 784-4781.

Download instructions for account registration and PI user manual

Link to PI training video

Link to Dept Manager, PI and Lab Admin internal billing training

Download instructions for internal billing using iLab