Navigate trainers

Each college, school or division has its own set of trainers dedicated to help train new users of Navigate. To arrange a training, please contact your specific trainer in the list below.

For any further questions or concerns regarding training that cannot be handled by the college-level trainers, you may contact the Navigate program owner at

Find your Navigate trainer

List of Navigate Trainers
Unit Trainer Name Contact
College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources Juana Reynoza-Gomez
College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources Elizabeth Sedano
College of Business Jeremy Tiedt
College of Business Samantha Espana
College of Education & Human Development Brianne Hall
College of Engineering Ivy Chin
College of Engineering Syretta Williams
College of Engineering Malia Mitooka
College of Liberal Arts Kristi Van Gorder
College of Liberal Arts Anna Lincoln
College of Science Gina Sella
College of Science Steve Calhoun
College of Science/Mackay School Jennifer O'Neal
Division of Health Sciences Janita Ethrridge
Reynolds School of Journalism Jean Dixon
Honors Program Erin Edgington
University Advising Center Emilly Borthwick-Wong