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DAx8 drone

"The collaboration with the University is an important step in Flirtey's growth by allowing us to use their facilities and test Flirteys on campus. Nevada is one of just six locations in the U.S. approved by the FAA for UAV testing, and with its close proximity to Silicon Valley, budding tech scene, and the state's strong aeronautical history, Reno is positioned to become the biggest little city in the world of UAV space."

-- Matt Sweeny, Flirtey

Technical Expertise

NAASIC's staff engineers and faculty research associates are available to consult on technical issues related to autonomous systems. The University of Nevada, Reno's interdisciplinary expertise includes strengths related to systems control and operations, data processing and communications, and UAS applications in diverse areas.

Regulatory Experience

Through the University of Nevada, Reno, NAASIC has an account with the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA. We can help businesses apply for Section 333 commercial exemptions and obtain COAs (certificates of airworthiness).

Community Connections

At NAASIC, we're excited to see Northern Nevada grow as a home to advanced technology companies. A number of our collaborators have relocated to the Reno area to take advantage of our favorable business climate, research expertise and growing technology workforce. Staff at NAASIC can help you connect with the local business community.

We're also working with autonomous systems companies around the globe, and we can help your business connect with potential collaborators and industry leaders in the emerging market for unmanned systems.

Regional Advantages

Nevada has been selected by the FAA as one of six test sites for unmanned aerial systems. That test site designation allows businesses easier access to test and fly drones in the state. Nevada's selection was in part due to our geographical advantages, offering large areas of open terrain ideal for testing unmanned aerial vehicles as well as a range of weather patterns for testing throughout the year.

Educated Workforce

A leader in autonomous systems education, the University of Nevada, Reno is one of a handful of companies to offer a minor in unmanned autonomous systems. Working closely with faculty experts and industry employers, the minor is evolving in consultation with industry to prepare graduates with a broad foundation in computer science and engineering, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering as well as specific expertise in autonomous systems.