Managing Your Privacy Settings

To view and manage your privacy (FERPA) settings in MyNEVADA, login and click on the "My Personal Information" link on the left side of the page.

Personal Information

You will now see your personal information options. To edit and view your privacy settings, click on "Personal Data Summary".

Personal Data

You will now see a brief summary that includes your directory information (contact information), holds and to do's. To view your privacy settings click on the FERPA restrictions link under the Security Settings section.

FERPA settings link

This page explains what FERPA is and gives a brief description of the options. To view the full notification, click on the blue link. Once you have reviewed it, you can choose the privacy setting that works for you. If you leave it on the "Allow the release of my directory information" option then the institution can release your directory information for the listed commercial purposes and print your name in the commencement program and on the honor roll or Dean's List. If you select "Do not release for both commercial and non-commercial (educational) purposes" the institution cannot release your directory information for the listed commercial purposes OR non-commercial (educational) purposes. This means that the institution cannot print your name in the commencement program, scholarship award listings or be printed on a Dean's List. There are also two in-between options that allow you to choose one or the other. Choose the option that works best for your needs.

FERPA restrictions instructions and settings page

When you have reviewed the notification and are ready to choose your FERPA setting, click [Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions].
Selecting and saving FERPA settings

When you are done click [Save]. If you wish to change your settings in the future, you may come back and change them at any time.