Using the Shopping Cart

The enrollment shopping cart in MyNEVADA is very similar to an online store shopping cart, e.g. Amazon. In this case, you are browsing the class schedule and selecting a class to put in the shopping cart. Here you can add and delete classes before you enroll and finish the enrollment process. To navigate to your shopping cart, first click on Student Center Dashboard in the top-left corner of the page. Next click on "Enrollment Shopping Cart" below the schedule block.

Shopping Cart location in Student Center

You will now see your shopping cart. If it is empty, it means you haven't added any classes to it. If you have classes here, it means you are not enrolled in them and a spot is not being held for you. If the class closes while in your shopping cart, you will not be able to enroll until a spot opens up. If you added classes to the cart and have come back later to enroll and make changes, select the classes and then where it says for selected choose either [Delete] or [Enroll]. [Delete] will remove the class from your cart and [Enroll] will take you through the steps to become fully enrolled in the selected courses.

View of Shopping Cart

*One advantage of the shopping cart is if you are waiting for a spot in a class to open up, you can check it here instead of going back to the class search to find it every time you want to look. When you see it is open, you can quickly continue with the enrollment process as it has already been started.