Using the Schedule Planner

The Schedule Planner can help you create a term schedule. Schedule Planner uses classes already in your MyNEVADA Planner for a specific term to generate possible schedule options. Log into MyNEVADA and click My Academics on the left hand side. Then click on My Planner. From your My Planner tab you can now look up classes using the Browse Course Catalog or Plan by My Requirements.

Once you have planned which classes you wish to take, you can access the Schedule Planner link to begin creating term based schedule options. 

 schedule planner

Use the Add Course button to add your desired classes then use the Add Break button to set time ranges that you don't want to take classes for. When you are ready to view schedule options, click Generate Schedules to see a list of all available, conflict-free schedules.

Schedule Planner screen shot displaying add a course and other features

After finding the schedule you want, you must now send it to your MyNEVADA shopping cart.

Send to Shopping cart

Select the Course Enrollment button to go to your shopping cart and continue the enrollment process.

Course Enrollment

Select the term that you want to enroll for and click Continue.

Select Term

Select Import Cart to import all the classes from the schedule you sent from Schedule Planner.

Import Classes

Click on Next for each class confirming the enrollment preferences. If your class is full please use our MyNEVADA walkthrough on waitlisting classes.

Next Enrollment Preferences

All classes from the schedule you selected should now be listed. In order to officially enroll into all classes, you will need to Proceed to Step 2 of 3.

Step 2 of 3

As long as you meet all the required prerequisites, have a valid enrollment date and time, and no holds you will be able to proceed and Finish Enrolling.

Confirm Classes

You then will be given a 'Successful' message confirming your enrollment into classes.