Viewing Final Grades

At the end of each term, instructors will post final grades within MyNEVADA. Students can view their final grades by logging into their MyNEVADA account and navigating to their Student Center.

On the left hand side of the screen, under Academics, there is a drop down menu, select 'Grades' and click the arrows to continue to the View My Grades page.

Screen shot of drop down menu, select Grades, click arrows to view final grades

As long as an instructor has posted the final grade, it will be listed within the Official Grades tab for the current term. 

screen shot of official grades screen showing final grade posted for current term

Final grades from previous terms can be viewed as well. Select Change Term icon on upper right hand side to change the term you wish to view final grades for. 

screen shot showing to click on change term in order to view final grades from previous terms

A list of previously attended terms will now be displayed, select the previous term you wish to view final grades for. 

screen shot showing the list of previously attended terms to view final grades

Students can download an unofficial transcript if need be, which will list all terms attended and grades received. For a step by step tutorial on how to download an unofficial transcript please visit the Requesting Your Unofficial Transcript page.