After Submitting Your Graduation Application

Graduation and Commencement Information

Additional details about Graduation and Commencement are available at the following web pages:

Academic Advisement Report

Graduation applicants may track their progress toward graduation on their Academic Advising Report.  No more than five business days after a graduation application is received, the graduation status of the applicant is updated on the Academic Advising Report.

Your degree will be posted at the end of the term only if you successfully complete all of the requirements for graduation detailed in the academic advising report by the last day of the term.

To access your Academic Advising Report from MyNEVADA, navigate to My Academics and  under the My Degree Progress/Graduation tab click on My Academic Requirements.

My Academics

To access My Academic Requirements from the Student Center, navigate to Academic Requirements in the drop down menu under the Academics tab.

Student Center Academics Tab

If you have not already done so, please access and review this report immediately.  At the top left of the report, in the box labeled Current Academic Objective, your Graduation Status is displayed.

My Academic Requirements

Click the "Expected Graduation Term" link for an explanation of your graduation status.

Expected Graduation Term Help

As graduation applications are received in the Office of Admissions and Records, they are reviewed and the status on the report is updated from "Applied" to either "Needs to Finish Pending Work" or "Program in Review."

Please direct questions regarding your Academic Advising Report to your academic advisor.

Graduation Application Fee

A non-refundable fee of $66 will be charged to your account in the Student Center in MyNEVADA approximately 48 hours after your graduation application has been received.

Student Center Finances Tab

The fee will show as due approximately 72 hours after it was charged.  You will see both the charge and the payment in your account activity in the Student Center.

Student Center Account Activity

Only undergraduate students can access their graduation status via the method above.  Both undergraduate and graduate students can use the following navigation to view their graduation status:

On the MyNEVADA home page, click on My Academics and then View Graduation Status under the My Degree Progress / Graduation tab.

graduation status

Here you can view your Graduation Status and your Expected Graduation Term.

Graduation Status