Applying for Graduation

If you are a current student and would like to to apply for graduation, login to MyNEVADA and click on the My Academics link near the top left of the page and then click on Apply for Graduation within the My Degree Progress/ Graduation category. 

Applying for graduation

You will now see the degree(s) or certificates that you are able to apply for graduation towards. If you have one declared plan (major), you will only see one. If you have two declared plans (majors), then you will see multiple options. Click on Apply for Graduation.

Apply for graduation link

Select the term in which you wish to graduate.

Term selection for graduation

Read through the graduation instructions thoroughly. When you are finished and have double-checked the expected graduation term and program, click [Submit Application] at the bottom of the page.

graduation instructions

You have now successfully applied for graduation in the selected term. A $75 application fee will be assessed in MyNEVADA 24 hours after application submission. The fee is due within two days of posting to your MyNEVADA account. If it is not paid within this time period, an account past due hold will be placed on your record.

**If you have multiple majors, degrees or certificates that you would like to apply to graduate with in the same term, go back to the first page and go through the same process again for the second major/degree.

submission confimation for graduation application

Please remember to check your graduation status to ensure that you are on track to graduate.  Both undergraduate and graduate students can view their graduation status through the following navigation:

On the MyNEVADA home page within the My Academics icon, click on My Degree Progress / Graduation to expand the tab.

Applying for graduation

Click on View Graduation Status under the My Degree Progress / Graduation tab.

Here you can view your Graduation Status and your Expected Graduation Term.

Graduation Status

In addition to the above navigation, undergraduates have the ability to view a more detailed version of their graduation status by using the following navigation:

Navigate to your Student Center Dashboard and select Academic Requirements from the drop-down menu in the Academics tab.

Student Center Dashboard

Here you can view your Expected Grad Term and Graduation Status as well as other information about your academic career.

My Academic Requirements