Photo Rosters

Faculty have the ability to access a view of their class roster which includes the WolfCard ID photos of students in the class.  Begin by clicking on the class roster icon on the My Schedule page in your Faculty Center.

Faculty Center

The Class Roster defaults to a simple list display view where there is a link to the students' photos.  Clicking on the photo icon next to the student's name and ID number will bring up their individual photo and general information.

Class Roster Main Page

Selecting the display option "Include photos in list" will bring you to a different view.  This class list view will default to the photo and general information of the first student in the list - to view a list of all the students in the course and their photos, click on [VIEW ALL].

Roster With Single Photo

The class roster with photos will appear as below.

Class Roster With Photo List

Using the Enrollment Status drop down menu, you can toggle between a list of only students who are currently enrolled the course, those who have dropped the course, or a combined list of all the students currently enrolled as well as those who have dropped the course.

Enrollment Status Drop Down Menu

To print the roster with the students' photos, use your browser's print option.  In Firefox, right click on the photo roster page, navigate to [THIS FRAME] and then click [PRINT FRAME].

Print Roster In Firefox

In Internet Explorer, right click on the photo roster page and click on [PRINT].

Print Roster In Internet Explorer