Request Grade Change

MyNEVADA now offers instructors the ability to electronically submit a change of grade for a student onces grades have been posted!

This new Request Grade Change feature is only available for instructors with "post" grade roster access in MyNEVADA. As a reminder this Request Grade Change should only be used to correct a clerical, data entry or informal resolution to student inquiry after a grade roster has been posted.

Formal grade appeals must file resulting changes of grade through Admissions and Records. This Request Grade Change feature in MyNEVADA is only available 5 business days following the final grade submission deadline. You will not able to change a grade through this new process for students who have W's. Initial grades for incompletes may be filed through Request Change of Grades in MyNEVADA up until the Incomplete reverts to an F grade. 

To change a student's grade once the roster has been posted please click the [FACULTY & STAFF] icon once you have logged into MyNEVADA. Then click "My Class Information".

chagne of grade 1

Next click "My Schedule".

change of grade 2

From your My Schedule click "change term". Then click the instructor icon.

 change of grade 3

Then click "Request Grade Change".

change of grade 4

You will now be able to select the student (s) and grade that needs to be changed. Once all changes have been selected click the green "SUBMIT" button.

change of grade 5

change of grade 6

Once your change of grades have been submitted you will receive a Success message for each grade that was changed.

change of grade 8