Adding a Social Security Number or ITIN

If you did not enter a Social Security Number (SSN) on your admission application and wish to add it or an ITIN to your record, you are able to do so from your Student Center task in MyNEVADA 2.0. Students are only able to add these numbers to their record, you will not be able to edit the number if one already exits on your account. To edit a SSN or ITIN already listed on your student account, you will need to submit a 'Request to Change Personal Identification Data' form to the office of Admissions and Records.

To add a SSN or ITIN, navigate to MyNEVADA 2.0 and Search for Student Center:

screen shot of the mynevada 2.0 search bar on the homepage

Click on the Student Center task and log in:

screen shot of the student center task within mynevada 2.0

Within the Personal Information section click on the Add SSN icon on the left hand side of the page:


From the SSN page, select from the drop down menu the type of number you wish to add. Then enter the 9 digit number:

SSN number

You must be sure and enter a valid SSN or ITIN number. If you do not enter a valid sequence number, you will receive an error. An example of an incorrect number would be 999-99-9999 or XXX-XX-XXXX:

 SSN invalid number

If the SSN or ITIN you enter is already attached to a student record, you will receive an error stating the number you have entered already exists. If you believe the number you are entering is correct, please contact Admissions and Records in order to resolve this issue. You may send an email to or come by our office in person (2nd floor of the FSSB).

 SSN number already exists

Once you have entered a valid SSN or ITIN number and click SAVE you will receive a successful message that your number has been saved.

SSN Saved