Designating a Third Party Release

The University does not allow access to, or the release of, educational records or other personally identifiable information without the express consent of the student.  In order for you to have third parties (parents, spouse, etc.) access your data, or to do certain transactions on your behalf, you must list each individual and identify what type of access they should have to your records.  You may add or remove access at any time.  Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure that only those people you want to have access to your data are listed. 

To designate a third party for release of certain information, navigate to MyNEVADA 2.0 and search 'Student Center'. 

MyNEVADA 2.0 Search Bar

Click on the ‘Student Center icon', and you will be prompted to log in.

screen shot of the student center task within mynevada 2.0

Once at your Student Center, you will see Third Party Release on the right side of the page. To view your third party designees or to add one, click on "Manage Third Party Releases."

Third Party Release on the right hand side of page

Please read all of the information provided to you in this section. It explains the type of information the university cannot give to any person other than you, how to setup the pass phrase for the appointed designee to use to get access to the information, and the information that will be released to the designee by office. Only the offices listed will acknowledge the designee assigned.

Third Party Release Information

To add a Third Party in MyNEVADA, click on [ADD Third Party Release]. Here you will enter the name and phone number for the person you are designating. You will also enter your pass phrase, which can be numeric, a word or sentence. The Third Party must give the selected office the appropriate pass phrase before data can be released. To allow more than one office to release information to a specific person click the + on the right. Once you have entered the required information and have assigned the offices for the Third Party release, click [Activate].

Third Party Release details

To delete an office for a specific Third Party click [View/Edit Detail] under the Manage Third Party release link. To add another Third Party, click [ADD Third Party Release].

Adding a second Third Party and editting existing ones

Here you can choose to edit the release details to change any information or add and delete offices. You may also inactivate the third party, meaning they will no longer be able to use the pass phrase to gain access to your records.

Editting or Inactivating a Third Party