Viewing Your Bill

There are multiple ways to view your bill in MyNEVADA. You will see two of them in this tutorial. To view your bill in MyNEVADA, click on the My University Account link on the left side of the page. Next, select Account Inquiry from the options listed.

Account inquiry

This will bring up a general summary of the charges due for the current semester. To view a breakdown of all the fees, click the "Charges Due" link.

Account Summary page

You will now see the total amount due and the breakdown of all fees. On the top of the Details by charge page you will see 1-8 of 8. This means there are 8 lines of charges and they are all visible. If you see 1-10 of 12 that means there are more rows and you need to click on the View All link next to it. This will show you all of the charges at once. You may also make a payment through this screen by clicking [Make a Payment] at the bottom of the page.

Charges due detailed view

You can also view this information by clicking on the Student Dashboard link at the top left of the Student Center. This will bring up all of your student information.

Student Center Dashboard

Under Finances, you will see a box in the middle of the page entitled "Account Summary." If there are no charges due, it will read "You have no outstanding charges at this time" which indicates that you have not enrolled in classes or that the balance has been fully paid for the upcoming semester. If the amount owed is in the "Future Due" section, the payment due date is more than 15 days away. Once there are 15 days remaining before the due date, the amount is moved to the "Due Now" section.

Student Center view

To see a breakdown of the current charges in this view, click on the drop-down menu labeled "Other Financial..." and select Charges Due from the options. By default, it only shows you the first 10 charges due. To see all of the charges, click View All in the blue bar above the charges listed.

Student Center charges due navigation

*When you make a payment to the account this will change accordingly. The fees that are paid first are the mandatory fees and then the registration fees are paid.