Enrolling in a Payment Plan

To enroll in a deferred payment plan for tuition or housing, navigate to MyNEVADA 2.0 and search ‘Account Inquiry'.

MyNEVADA 2.0 Search Bar

Click on the ‘Account Inquiry' task and you will be prompted to log in.

Account Inquiry Icon

Across the top you will see three main tabs, including [Account Services]. Click on this tab.

Account Services location

You will see one or two options for deferred payments. The first is for tuition and fee payments and the second option is for housing payments and applies to the dorms and meal plans. There is a $50 per semester fee for the deferment plan that will be added to your first bill. If you elect only the housing payment plan, the $50 fee will be assessed and due by the second Housing Payment Plan due date. Both payment plans are made in thirds, the first third being due on the original fee due date. It is important you select the right option for your plan. Once you select the correct option, click [Next].

Enroll in payment plan

The next page lays out the payment schedule for your review. It shows the dates the payments are due and the amount that will be due on that date. Once you have reviewed the payments, click [Next].

Reviewing Payment Plan Installments

The following page details the payment plan you have selected.  After reading the agreement and verifying that this payment plan is indeed the one you want to enroll in, check the box next to "Yes, I have read the agreement" and click [Enroll].  If you wish to select a different plan, you can click the [Previous] button until you get back to the screen which allows you to select from the different payment plans or click [Cancel] to completely start the process over again.

User Agreement for Payment Plan