Viewing Holds

To see if you have a hold that is preventing you from enrolling in classes or making changes to your class schedule in MyNEVADA, login and click Student Center Dashboard to be directed to your Student Center. There are various types of holds and most will prevent you from enrolling in your classes.

Student Center Dashboard

On the right side of the page is a section entitled "Holds." If there are no holds on your record, it will read "No Holds."

Overview of the holds section

If you see a hold, click on the "Details" link underneath the listed hold for the full details of what action is needed to remove the hold. The most common hold is for immunizations, past due accounts or advising holds. These holds are enrollment holds and will prevent you from registering for classes.

Location if the student has a hold

Next you will see all of the holds you have on your record. Click on the hold item for details and removal instructions.

Type of hold

Here you will see the reason for the hold and the action needed to have it removed. Once the holds have been removed you will be able to register for your classes.

Hold removal instructions