Enrollment Dates

Traditionally, enrollment for each semester begins on or around the following days:

  • Fall: April 1st
  • Spring: November 1st
  • Summer: The last week of March

Your specific enrollment time can be accessed by navigating to MyNEVADA 2.0. Type in ‘Student Center' in the searchbar.

MyNEVADA 2.0 Search Bar

Then, click on the Student Center task. You will be prompted to log in.

Student Center Task Screenshot

In the Student Center, on the bottom right side of the page, is a box labeled Enrollment Dates. When the enrollment dates and times have been generated for the term, you will see it here by clicking on the link.

Enrollment Date Notification

Next, if you are already enrolled in classes, choose the correct upcoming term to view the correct time and date.

Enrollment date term selection

At this specific time and date, you will be able to enroll in your classes and continue to do so without penalty until the Friday before school starts depending on class availability. Please keep in mind that even though there is an Appointment End date, that doesn't mean you can no longer enroll after that date. That date and time means every student may now enroll in classes and continue to do so until late registration ends.

enrollment time and dates