Adding a Class

To add a class, search 'Add a Class' in MyNEVADA.

MyNEVADA 2.0 Search Bar

Then click on the Add a Class icon. You will be prompted to log in. 

Add a Class Icon

You will automatically be put in the enroll tab that includes the add, drop, swap and edit options for your schedule. To add a class to your shopping cart, click on the add tab. The enrollment shopping cart in MyNEVADA is very similar to an online store shopping cart, e.g. Amazon. In this case, you are browsing the class schedule and selecting a class to put in the shopping cart. Here you can add and delete classes before you enroll and finish the enrollment process.

add button location

There are two ways to add a class to the Shopping Cart. If you know the 5-digit course number, you can enter it in the Enter Class Nbr field and click [Enter]. If you do not know the number, you can search the class schedule by selecting Class Search under Find Classes and click [Search].

Adding classes area

In this example, we will be using the class search option. After you click on [Search] under Find Classes you will see the class search area. To find a class, such as English 101 , abbreviated ENG 101, type in ENG in the course subject. Next enter the number, 101 in this case, in the course number field. Leave the drop-down menu set to "Is Exactly" in order to ensure the most accurate search. Next, check to make sure the course career option is correct and that the Show Open Courses Only checkbox is checked. For more detailed instructions on searching for a class, please see Using the Class Schedule. When you have entered the class, click [Search].

Class search information

You will now see the search results. There is only one open section of this class. If you want the section, click on the [Select Class] green button to the right of the status.

*If you don't see this button and you are an active student, you are not in the enrollment area and need to go to the Shopping Cart to enroll.

class search results

You will now see the course information. After reviewing it to make sure you meet the requirements, click [Next] to continue enrolling.

select class to add - enrollment preferences

This class has now been added to your Shopping Cart. You are not enrolled in the class at this point. To add more classes to your Shopping Cart before completing the enrollment, repeat the process until you have the schedule you want. Once you have all the classes in your shopping cart, click [Proceed to Step 2 of 3].

Note: Some classes now have wait lists available. If a class you're trying to enroll in is full, you may be able to join a wait list in case space becomes available. Visit the page on wait listing for more information.

Class has been added to your shopping cart

Next, you will be asked to confirm the classes in which you want to enroll. If you realize you need to make a change, click [Previous] and make the changes in the Shopping Cart. If you are ready to finish enrolling, click [Finish Enrolling].

Confirm classes to add

If you have successfully enrolled in the class, you will see a "success" message and a green checkmark. If you were not successfully enrolled in the class, you will see an error message with an explanation and a red X. To see your class schedule and to ensure you are enrolled, click [My Class Schedule]. You can also make a payment or add another class as well.

Add results

You are now successfully enrolled in your classes.

class schedule with classes just added