Academic Calendar Deadlines

Students should be aware of academic calendar deadlines related to dropping classes as these dates can differ depending on the class.  To view this information, navigate to MyNEVADA and search 'Student Center'

MyNEVADA 2.0 Search Bar

Click on the Student Center Dashboard Icon. Then, you will be prompted to log in. 

Student Center Dashboard Icon

Click on the calendar icon next to the course you would like to view. The University has Dynamically Dated Courses which have different start and stop dates than Regular Academic Session courses. This means that these courses can have varying academic calendar deadlines and drop dates. We strongly encourage students to look at every section as different sections may have varying deadlines.

Student Center Dashboard

Here, you can view individualized academic calendar deadline information for each course.  Your courses may have different deadlines, based on whether or not they are Regular Academic Session courses or Dynamically Dated courses.

  • Drop - Delete Record: Students can ignore this specific date - it does not affect a student's record.
  • Drop - Retain Record: If you drop a course on or before this date, it will not appear on your official academic transcript but will still show within MyNEVADA with a status of dropped.  
  • Drop with Penalty:  If you drop a course on or before this date, it will appear on your academic transcript as a "W" and the course is typically not eligible for a refund.Academic Calendar Deadlines Regular Academic Session

Academic Calendar Deadlines Dynamically Dated