Forgot My NSHE ID

Users who have forgotten their NSHE Id, are able to retrieve it by navigating to MyNEVADA 2.0

MyNEVADA 2.0 is task driven. From the MyNEVADA 2.0 homepage, Search for the task you are needing to accomplish (i.e. Add a class, Unofficial Transcript, View Class Schedule), Click on the desired task and a log in screen will appear.

From the log in screen, Click on the Forgot NSHE ID? icon:

screen shot of the log in screen showing forgot nshe id icon

Fill out the Required Information. Lastly, you will need to select a verification method. If you do not have a Social Security Number, Application Number, or do not know either of those you will need to call (775) 784-MYNV to ask for a Temporary Access Key to be generated for you.

screen shot of the forgot your user id screen in order to retrieve ID

If your user profile exists in the system and you have correctly inputted all the Required Information, your User ID will appear on the following screen.

NSHE ID Information