Using My Schedule

To view your schedule for the semester, navigate to MyNEVADA 2.0 and from the homepage within Essentials click on the Instructor tile:

Instructor Essentials Screenshot

You will now see all Instructor related tasks listed. Click on the 'My Schedule' icon. You will be then prompted to log in. 

Schedule Icon

Your teaching schedule defaults to displaying in a grid format.

My Schedule summary image

You can filter out classes that have zero enrollment by toggling the view to "Show Enrolled Classes Only".

Display Options in Faculty Center

You can download your class schedule into Excel using the download function (icon that looks like a grid) in the upper-right corner of your class schedule.

You can display your class schedule in a weekly format similar to Outlook by clicking on the "View Weekly Teaching Schedule" hyperlink.

Faculty Schedule Weekly View

There are two ways to filter the weekly view.  The first is by using the navigation at the top of the screen to pick which week and times you wish to see.  Because we enter in official holidays, where there are no classes, your schedule will appear blank.  You can also change your display by changing the Display Options at the bottom of the page and clicking [refresh calendar].

Areas on the schedule that are shaded in orange are possible time conflicts.  They indicate two classes occurring during the same hour.  The university has standard meeting patterns that may generate a class schedule that has two courses occurring during the same hour block, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Additionally, crosslisted courses will appear as a time conflict.  In the example shown above, we display one legitimate time conflict and another that would require the attention of the department scheduler.

At this time it is not possible to export this data to Outlook or another calendar system.