Class Rosters

To view your class roster, navigate to MyNEVADA 2.0 and from the homepage within Essentials click on the Instructor tile: 

Instructor Essentials Screenshot

You will now see all instructor related tasks listed. Click on the 'My Schedule' icon. You will then be prompted to log in. 

Schedule Icon

The icon to the left of each class is a direct link to that class roster.  When grade rosters become available, an additional icon will appear for each graded component of a class.

Class Roster Icon

NOTE: Using the "class roster" tab at the top of the Faculty Center will always default you to your first class.  To see any of your other classes, you must use the "people icon" to the left of each class listing.

The class roster will list each student's NSHEID, Name, Grade Basis (graded, S/U, audit, etc.), Units, Program/Plan stack, and Level.  To see a more detailed roster that includes photos, use the toggle above the class roster.  You can download your class roster to Excel using the download button in the upper-right corner of the roster.

Class Roster Overview