Planning Tools for Advisors

Advisors may access a student's course Planner by navigating to MyNEVADA 2.0. Within Essentials, click on the Advisor Task Center:

screen shot of the advisor task center from the mynevada 2.0 homepage

Click on the Advisor Center task and log in if needed:

screen shot of the advisor center task from mynevada 2.0

After locating the appropriate advisee record, from the Student Center view page click on the My Planner icon. Please note that you may only view and not edit an advisee's academic plan. The What-If reports in a student's view of the Student Center include planned coursework; however, the What-If reports available in the advisor view of the Student Center do not include planned coursework.

Advisee Student Center

The Advisee Planner will display what courses a student has planned for future semesters.

Advisee Planner

Advisors may view courses previously taken by navigating to the Advisee Student Center and clicking on Course History in the drop down menu under the Academics section.

Advisee Course History

Advisors can view a student's course history as well as their planned courses by clicking on the display option [SHOW COURSES FROM MY PLANNER].  You can also choose to sort results by different criteria.  Viewing a student's course history along with the courses they are planning to take is helpful in checking for correct course sequencing.

Advisee Course History

Advisors can use the navigation (Main Menu > Academic Advisement > Student Advisement > Request Advisement Report) to run different academic report types.  In the Report Type field, advisors may use the following codes to run their corresponding audits:

  • ADV - Default CPP (Academic Requirements)
  • WHIF - What-If with planned coursework (Student Center)
  • IFNIP - What-If without planned coursework (Advisee Student Center)
  • PLNR - Default CPP with planned coursework (Students - Plan By Requirements)

Request Advisement Report