Class Section Details

To view the details of a particular class section, click on the blue underlined hyperlink containing the section and class number.

Click on the section link to view a specific class section details

On this Class Detail page, you will be able to see the following details:

  • Instruction Mode: This displays whether the class is an in-person section or web-based (online).
  • Class Components: Most courses only have one component: the lecture. When a course requires a discussion, it is listed here.
  • Units: The number of credits awarded for satisfactory completion of the class.
  • Career: Denotes whether the course is an undergraduate or graduate course.
  • Dates: The start and end dates of the class. Some are different than the regular academic session dates.
  • Grades: Denotes how the class is graded, e.g. letter grade or pass/fail, etc. 
  • Bookstore: This links to the ASUN Bookstore site and shows the required books for the course. 
  • Meeting Information: Shows the time, days, room, and instructor for that specific class section.
  • Enrollment Requirements: Lists all requirements to enroll in the course. You must meet all criteria before being allowed to enroll. Prerequisites are requirements that must be completed before you enroll. Corequisites are courses that you must enroll in simultaneously with the desired class. 
  • Class Availability: Shows the capacity and up-to-date enrollment numbers. The class capacity indicates the maximum student capacity for the specific section. Enrollment total is how many students are currently enrolled. Available seats shows how many open seats are left for enrollment. Some courses now have a wait list function available. View the Wait List page for more information.
  • Description: Provides a detailed description of the topics to be covered in the course.  Here you can discover if a class satisfies core requirements and if there are any credit stipulations.

Overview of where class section information is located