Core Curriculum Class Search

Under the [Additional Search Criteria] feature, you can select different attributes to help you search for specific types of classes.  Here we will be searching for courses that fulfill Core Curriculum Requirements.

Class Search Additional Criteria

From the drop down menu titled "Course Attribute," select [Core Requirements] in order to set the filter to look up courses that fulfill Core Requirements.

Selecting a Course Attribute

From the drop down menu titled "Course Attribute Value," select which Core Curriculum Requirement you are looking to fulfill with the class you are searching for. 

Course Attribute: Diversity Course
If your search returns over 50 results, this warning message will pop up.  You may click on [OK] to proceed, or click on [Cancel] if you wish to go back and modify your search to return less results.

Prompt when Search returns more than 50 results

In this example, we have searched for courses that fulfill the Diversity Core Curriculum Requirement.  You will receive a list that shows the classes that meet your search criteria.

Class Search Results