Basic Class Search

The basic class search allows you to search for the following features:

  • Term: Select the term for which you want to search for classes. 
  • Course Subject: Course Subject (or prefix).
  • Course Number: The Course Number defaults to "is exactly" as the search criteria.  This may prevent some classes from showing if you do not put in the complete course number.  We recommend using "contains" if you are having problems finding a specific course.  Many of our courses have letter suffixes.
  • Course Career: Use this feature if you wish to search for only undergraduate or graduate courses.
  • Show Open Classes Only: This feature is defaulted on.  This only returns classes that are open.  If you want to see a section that may be full (if you'd like to be added to a wait list, for example), uncheck this box to find all results.
  • Open Entry / Exit Classes Only: This will return results that are Open Entry / Exit Classes Only.

Click the [Search] button to complete your search. 

Class Search Basic

If your search brings back more than 50 results, you will always receive a warning.  You have the choice whether to proceed or to refine your search criteria.

Prompt if Search returns more than 50 results