Applying for Nondegree/Graduate Special Admission

You may begin your University of Nevada Nondegree/Graduate Special admission application by navigating to MyNEVADA 2.0.

The admission application for Nondegree's and Graduate Special is largely the same as Domestic Undergraduate Degree seeking. The major difference when applying as a Nondegree or Graduate Special is you will not be asked to submit the Scholarship information portion.

Since Nondegree and Graduate Special applicants are not admitted into degree seeking programs, they are not eligible to receive Financial Aid, therefore no Scholarship portion is included in the application.

You may begin your University of Nevada Nondegree/Graduate Special applicatoin by navigating to MyNEVADA 2.0 and within Essentials click on the Applicant Task Center: 

screen shot of the applicant task center from the mynevada 2.0 homepage

All Applicant related tasks will be listed. You must first Create an Applicant Account, click on the Step 1: Create Applicant Account tile:

Screen shot of the Step 1 Create Applicant Account from the mynevada 2.0 homepage

Enter all required fields on the Create Account page, and click Submit to create an admission application username and password. **As a reminder, these log in credentials are only used to work on and submit your admission application. Once you have submitted your admission application you will not use this username and password again; unless you submit an additional admission application in the future.

create an account screen shot

Apply Nevada Account Information screen

Confirmation of your Application for Admission account creation will then be displayed for you. You are now ready to log in and work on an admission application.

Close the Create Account tab, and from the Applicant Task Center click the Step 2: Create Application for Admissions tile to begin your application. Log in using the username and password you just created:

screen shot of the step 2 create application for admissions tile from the mynevada 2.0 homepage

If submitting an undergraduate Nondegree application, be sure and select 'Undergraduate' from the 'Academic Career' drop down, and then 'Nondegree' from the 'Admit Type' drop down.


If submitting a Graduate Special admission application, be sure and select 'Graduate' from the 'Career Drop' down and then 'Nondegree' from the 'Admit Type' drop down. A Graduate Nondegree is the same as a Graduate Special. 

grad special

To continue the step by step application tutorial please refer to the Domestic Undergraduate page. As a reminder, when submitting a Nondegree/ Graduate Special application you will not be asked to submit the Scholarship portion.

For more information on the difference between attending as a Nondegree or Graduate  Special, please visit our online Catalog.